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  • How soon can I get my order?
    Our company typically requires 2 weeks, however there is a rush fee that can be applied if an order is needed sooner. Anything that is needed in a week or less is considered a rushed order. This is applied from the date the first payment is issued.
  • What all do we do?
    Our services page can give you more detail on the services we offer. Screenprinting Direct to Garment Vinyl Embroidery
  • How many shirts can we screenprint?
    Our capacity to fulfill is unlimited, please provide the quanitity information in the order submission form.
  • How much is my order going to cost?
    Our prices are based on several factors, from the quality of the product being used, the number of colors, the position on the fabric, and more. Our representatives will help you with a quote once you complete and submit your order form.
  • What type of products do you have?
    We have a variety of vendors with different types of products and quality. Once the submission form has been completed, we can better accomodate your request and be sure to get you the right product for your creation!
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